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Ashley Spears, Surgical Assistant with Covington Women’s Health Specialists, Explains the Benefit of Family Centered Cesarean Sections

* The following patient success story was developed with help from Piedmont Newton Hospital. If you would like to read the original piece, please click here. * Ashley Spears thought she knew exactly what to […]

How to Best Prepare for Delivery Day

When you’re preparing to give birth, it can be an overwhelming and exciting process. There’s so much to do and to think through that you might be anxious about where to start first. Our experts […]

Beautiful young mixed race female exercising at home, online workout on laptop, highlighting balancing staying active for women.

Balancing Staying Active for Women

With everything women balance, it can be difficult for them to find ways to stay active. However, while you’re working on your career, passions, and focusing on loved ones, it’s also vital that you find […]

Struggling with Mental Health? Here’s How to Get Help

People can struggle with their mental health at any point in their lives—whether there seems to be a reason or not—multiple times throughout their life. Experiencing anxiety and/or depression can be unbearable. If this resonates […]

Covid-19 Vaccination Concept. Pregnant Woman Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine Intramuscular Injection Shot In Arm, Sitting With Black Nurse In Hospital Room. Covid 19 Virus Protection Medical Campaign.

Questions About The COVID-19 Vaccine As A Pregnant Woman? Read This!

If you’re a pregnant woman with questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, we understand your worries and concern. However, Covington Women’s Health Specialists is here with information to answer any questions you may have and bring […]

Photo of Covington Women's Health Staff with the Best of Newton Award logo.

Covington Women’s Health Specialists Wins Award From Best of Newton

Covington Women’s Health Specialists was voted the Best Obstetrics & Gynecology in the 2021 Best of Newton Award!  Every year Newton County residents nominate and vote for their favorite local businesses with The Covington News. […]

Happy expectant woman touching belly, enjoying unborn baby pushings in bed, side view, wondering how pregnancy can impact your skin.

How Pregnancy Can Impact Your Skin

When you’re pregnant, so much changes in your life and in your body. While the way your belly grows might be the most obvious difference, your skin also experiences a lot of shifts. From breaking […]

Female holding vibrator

Safe Sex Toys: Don’t Be Afraid to Explore!

Not many people are comfortable discussing sex toys. However, sex toys are a healthy and fun way to satisfy yourself and your partner, which can lead to wonderful health benefits like sleeping better, dissolving stress, […]

Photos of student Courtney Dorris.

Covington Women’s Health Specialists Student Spotlight: Courtney Dorris

Covington Women’s Health is proud to offer a student program intended to give the next best and brightest training physicians a glimpse into what it’s like working in women’s health. We created the student spotlight […]

Photo of patient holding baby up to family.

Deliveries During COVID-19

Written by Patient Kimberly Fambrough It was worth it…. December of 2019 and we see those two pink lines. She was our secret from the world until we heard “there is a heartbeat and everything […]