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What’s the Right Menstrual Product for You?

Whether you’re just starting to menstruate, or have been at it for a while, it’s useful to check in with which products might help you absorb blood, protect your clothes, and carry out your regular […]

To Shave, Or Not to Shave, Downstairs

Attitudes toward pubic hair grooming have, well, grown throughout the ages. Brazilian? Natural bush? A neatly trimmed triangle or abstract geometrics? These days it seems you can do just about anything with your pubic hair—but […]

Covington Women’s Health Specialists Sponsors and Speaks Out at Pink-Out Concert

On October 1, 2021, Covington Women’s Health Specialists had the honor of sponsoring the Pink-Out Concert, a free performance for everyone to enjoy at Legion Field. The annual Pink-Out Concert is put on by the […]

Sex Health Series: The Key to Great Sex? Great (and Healthy) Communication

“Though talking about sex can feel a little scary,” pros at the American Sexual Health Association acknowledge, “it can also be incredibly sexy, even if you both have your clothes on.”  Healthy communication not only […]

Third Time’s the Charm: A Patient’s Experience Delivering Her Third Child

Mother-of-three and local restaurant owner Sasha Stone understands the impact of creating a balance between the allure of a big city with the comforts of community. At her family’s restaurant, City Pharmacy, Sasha and her […]

Gynecology 101: Things You May Not Know About Your Vagina

If you have one, we certainly hope you know what its purpose is. What it looks like. And when something’s going wrong with it.  But even we can admit that when it comes to vaginas, […]

Back to School: How to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

This school year, your teen may have more on their mind other than hitting the books. While you may not have proof, you could suspect that they may be sexually active.  At Covington Women’s Health […]

Support and Attend These Local Events for Great Causes

At Covington Women’s Health Specialists, we have been providing women’s healthcare to our community for over 17 years. We love our local community and are excited to share two upcoming events to support two great […]

A silhouette of a pregnant woman on the beach at sunset

Tips for Summer Pregnancies

Pregnancy presents many changes. Navigating all of them — physical, mood, relationship, life— can be tough, in part because each single change presents potentially dozens more to deal with. Some you might be well prepared for, […]

COVID-19 Precautions

Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

We know that the COVID-19 guidelines for in-office visits have been difficult to adjust to. We have always loved seeing new moms with their babies, and we miss that! However, we must ask our patients […]