Smiling young female runner taking a breather. Healthy young woman with sweat standing on the promenade after her workout and smiling, wondering about sweating down there.

Sweating Down There? It’s Normal!

It happens to all women. You’re out and about enjoying your day while it happens to be warm, or you’re putting your all into a work-out, and very quickly your underwear or groin area becomes […]

Photos of student Cat Palmer.

Covington Women’s Health Specialists Student Spotlight: Cat Palmer

Covington Women’s Health is proud to offer a student program intended to give the next best and brightest training physicians a glimpse into what it’s like working in women’s health. We created the student spotlight […]

Concentrated doctor or nurse working on line with a laptop sitting in a desk in a consultation.

Partnering with Students: Our Specialists Clinical Program

A major component of education for anyone hoping to become a healthcare provider is a process called clinical rotations. This multi-year undertaking occurs when students work with a professional within their chosen field, going into […]

Contraception Education Concept female and male contraceptive, highlighting Birth Control 101

Birth Control 101: Pros and Cons of Common Options

If you know you’re not looking to build a family any time soon, then birth control is something you’re ready to start taking. But there are countless types of birth control available to everyone and […]

Pregnant black lady suffering from back pain, sitting on bed, her attentive husband massaging her shoulders, free space, Partners Can Help Their Person Go Through Childbirth

How Partners Can Help Their Person Go Through Childbirth

If your partner is about to go through childbirth, it’s totally natural to be a nervous wreck! After all, your entire life is about to change and for the better. You’ll have a new person […]

Peaceful Woman Asleep In Bed As Day Break Through Curtains, highlighting the The Importance of Sleep to Women

The Importance of Sleep to Women

Everyone knows that not getting enough sleep can really ruin your day ahead. But, sometimes, it’s tough to get all your recommended hours when there’s so much to do during the day.  For women, it […]

Happy woman with excess weight smiling and dancing alone in sports clothes, knowing Being Active Can Positively Impact Women's Health.

Being Active Can Positively Impact Women’s Health

Many of us are choosing to stay at home to do our part to lower the impact of coronavirus. We might not be able to do the regular exercise that our bodies are used to […]

Good Hygiene – Washing Hands

Avoid Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers During Pregnancy

Hand Washing with Soap and Water is BEST! By Cathy T. Larrimore, MD, FACOG Even before Coronavirus, pregnant women were worried about germs.  But now, with the coronavirus, the concern is at a fever’s pitch!   […]

Blood test, sample or donation concept. Doctor with patient in hospital office, emergency room or laboratory. Person holding swab on arm after injection. Nurse holding needle., discussing why stds testing is important.

Why STDs Testing Is Important

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are more common than you think. It’s estimated that 376 million people will be diagnosed with an STD every year.  And, yet, STD testing isn’t a commonplace discussion topic. Maybe […]

asian woman suffering from abdominal pain while sitting at home, wondering What is Endometriosis?

What is Endometriosis?

Despite being a very common medical issue, many people have not heard of endometriosis. Yet, more than 200,000 women in the United States have it every year. This disorder occurs when the tissue that normally […]