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Updated In-Office Visit Guidelines 2022

Pregnant Patients Can Bring a Support Person Starting Monday, November 14, 2022, expecting patients can have a support person accompany them to any OB-GYN appointment, not just for ultrasounds. The patient’s support person must be […]

Happy couple reconciled after ivf consultation with doctor

Difficulties with Infertility? You Are Not Alone

If you’ve been trying to become pregnant for some time without success, you may be wondering whether infertility is a factor. Infertility can affect both women and men and is defined by the failure to achieve […]

woman with pimples on her forehead

What’s the Deal with Adult Acne?

Though raging teen hormones often come paired with raging teen skin problems, acne isn’t only for adolescents. In actuality, it’s the most common skin condition in the United States, and impacts as many as 50 […]

gynecologist in office near model of uterus and ovaries

Trans Healthcare: What Your Gynecologist Wants You to Know

At Covington Women’s Health Specialists, we pride ourselves on being a practice for and by women in our community. We also serve a demographic who needs gynecological healthcare just as much as everyone else: Transgender […]

Pregnant woman touching her belly while staring out of a window

What Happens If You Have an STD While Pregnant?

Discovering you have an STD can be upsetting under any circumstances. If you’re diagnosed while you’re pregnant, it can be especially concerning. You may have questions about how the condition will affect your pregnancy, your […]

troubled woman suffering from hair loss

Postpartum Hair? How to Cope with the Loss

Most women expect their bodies to change in significant ways during pregnancy and after birth. (Growing and birthing a human are remarkable feats, after all!) But it can be surprising to discover just how pronounced […]

Yellow menopause ahead sign

Signs of Menopause (Regardless of Your Age)

Sometimes referred to as “The Change” in pop culture, menopause is more formally defined as “the time when your menstrual periods stop permanently and you can no longer get pregnant.” When, exactly, does the transition […]

Covington Women’s Health Specialists Sponsors 39th Annual Fuzz Run

On Sep 11, 2022, Covington Women’s Health Specialists had the honor of being a diamond-level sponsor for the Fuzz Run. Taking place every September, the Fuzz Run is organized by Police Who Care, Inc. The […]

A message from Covington Women's Health Specialists

How Our In-Office Guidelines Help Us Provide Quality Care

Thank you for your trust in us to provide you or your loved one with quality medical care! Covington Women’s Health Specialists is proud to be offering women’s healthcare to our community for nearly 20 […]

Jennifer Walker - Midwife

Midwife in the Making: What’s a Catheter Cervical Ripening Balloon?

The Midwife in the Making is a series written by Jennifer Walker, a Nurse Midwife graduate student at Frontier Nursing University. She is currently completing her clinical rotation at Covington Women’s Health Specialists and Piedmont […]