CWHS team group photo for 20th Anniversary

Covington Women’s Health Specialists Marks 20 Years of Exceptional Women’s Healthcare

In 2004, Covington Women’s Health Specialists was born out of Dr. Cathy T. Larrimore’s vision to create a unique and supportive healthcare environment for women. After serving nearly 12 years in the naval service and having her own children, Dr. Larrimore sought a change, wanting to spend more time with her three daughters and create a practice aligned with her values.

Her quest for this ideal location led her to Covington, GA, a charming town that resonated with her suburban childhood memories. Coincidentally, a former Navy midwife shared the same vision and also decided to move to Georgia. Both were hired at what is now Piedmont Newton Hospital, setting the foundation for the practice.

As the years passed, Dr. Larrimore saw an opportunity to integrate midwifery into an OB GYN practice. She officially opened Covington Women’s Health Specialists in 2004. To distinguish the practice, she introduced group prenatal care following the Centering Pregnancy model, fostering a sense of community and support among expectant mothers (temporarily paused due to COVID).

Dr. Larrimore’s commitment to education became evident as she began teaching third-year medical students aspiring to become midwives, nurse practitioners, and ultrasonographers. Her advice to them reflects the highs and lows of the medical profession, emphasizing strength during challenging moments.

While the core principles of gynecology remain steadfast, Covington Women’s Health Specialists has continuously evolved, staying abreast of current advancements. Dr. Larrimore’s focus on minimally invasive surgery, fibroid treatment, menopausal medicine, and infertility has propelled the practice forward.