COVID-19 Precautions

Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

We know that the COVID-19 guidelines for in-office visits have been difficult to adjust to. We have always loved seeing new moms with their babies, and we miss that! However, we must ask our patients to arrange childcare before their appointment. Please do not leave your children unattended in the lobby of our building.

All too often these days, when someone is upset or doesn’t understand the rationale behind our rules, they take to social media to complain.  This is called electronic aggression.  People feel some level of satisfaction after they put their complaint forward; they feel like they have struck a blow at the person or company who didn’t give them what they wanted or made them mad.  But what can happen next can change relationships, harm other social media users and have legal consequences.

Because your healthcare is important to us, rude, disruptive or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in our office or online. 

While we understand the frustration, our hard work adhering to our safety enhancements have paid off. Covington Women’s Health Specialists is proud to announce that there have been NO COVID-19 infections from our offices! Our doctors are fully vaccinated. Our success is directly related to adherence to our COVID-19 precautions, which were developed to adhere to CDC and Piedmont Healthcare guidelines. 

Thank you for following these rules with us! As the vaccine rollout continues, we still need your continued support and cooperation. Let’s continue to protect each other.