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Safe Sex Toys: Don’t Be Afraid to Explore!

Not many people are comfortable discussing sex toys. However, sex toys are a healthy and fun way to satisfy yourself and your partner, which can lead to wonderful health benefits like sleeping better, dissolving stress, and maintaining the health of your vagina.  

But with an overwhelming number of options out there, it’s important to know what’s safe to buy and what you should be looking out for when shopping. To help all of our patients when it comes to safe sex toys, we’re describing the best options to buy and what to look out for.

Know What You Want  

The number of sex toys available on the market is obscene!  Pun intended! First, consider if you looking for something that will focus on a certain body part? Or would you prefer a toy that requires you and your partner to work together?  There are toy options that will allow your partner to deliver vibrations to your most sensitive areas, whether your partner is in the room with you or in another country!  Would you prefer a rechargeable toy or a battery-operated toy? 

If this is your first purchase, it’ll help tremendously for you to know what you want, so that you get right to the point and don’t get distracted by all the options.  Considering too many options may cause you to shy away.

Research Reviews  

Just like you do when shopping for something else, check out the reviews for a sex toy you have your eye on. See what other people are saying about their satisfaction with the product or if they experienced any issues with comfort or toy performance. 

Check Out What It’s Made Out Of  

This is especially important, as many sex toys aren’t FDA regulated. 

Most commonly, sex toys are made out of three types of products: porous, slightly porous, and non-porous. You’ll want to pick something that is non-porous, as this means you will actually be able to clean all the surfaces and destroy any lingering bacteria. Non-porous materials included silicone, ABS plastics, pyrex, and stainless steel. If you are not sure what ABS plastic is, this is a hard plastic which many children’s playthings are made of such as Legos.  Silicone toys are softer than plastic, are easy to clean and are what most sex toys are made of.  Don’t pick anything with un-tempered glass or something that can break easily and potentially harm yourself.  

Use it Properly  

Once you’ve picked your sex toy, make sure to take care of it properly. This means cleaning it often. We recommend using warm water with soap after every use of the toy, and especially after using it on a different partner. Don’t forget to also let the product dry properly.  Each toy will come with its own care instructions. 

Why is the Rabbit Style the Most Popular Toy?

The rabbit style toy has been popularized in TV shows, such as Sex and the City, and in magazines.  The reason this style of toy is so popular is that because several erogenous zones are stimulated by this toy.  Using a rabbit toy, women are usually always able to achieve an orgasm, and the sensation is often very intense, lasts longer or can even be experienced as several back to back orgasmic waves otherwise know as multiple orgasms.  Check it out!

Still Feeling Shy?

Dr. Cathy Larrimore, the founder of Covington Women’s Health Specialists, has counseled thousands of women over the years concerning their sexual health.  Often, women are worried about what their children or other loved ones will think if they find a toy among their belongings in the event of incapacitating illness or unexpected death.  Dr. Larrimore suggests any ladies worried about this possibility place a note in the drawer or where ever the ladies keep their toys stating simply, “You found my toys, and now you know, that I was normal!  ; ) ”

If you have any more questions about safe sex toys, reach out to our experts by clicking here or giving us a call at 770-385-8954.